Top 10 Best Pizza In The World, According To Pizza Lovers

Pizza, a gastronomic marvel that effortlessly transcends borders, has firmly entrenched itself as the epitome of universal comfort food. Delving into the exploration of the top 10 best pizza in the world is akin to embarking on a delectable expedition through the global culinary landscape. This journey unfolds a rich tapestry woven with diverse flavors, unparalleled craftsmanship, and profound cultural significance.

The allure of pizza lies not only in its tantalizing taste but also in its ability to serve as a culinary ambassador, connecting people from different corners of the world. Each slice tells a unique story, reflecting the ingenuity of local ingredients, the mastery of traditional techniques, and the cultural nuances that shape its distinct identity.

As we delve into the realm of the top 10 best pizzas, we are beckoned into a realm where culinary artistry knows no bounds. It’s not just about the amalgamation of dough, sauce, and toppings; it’s a celebration of regional pride, a testament to the skill of the pizzaiolos who have perfected their craft over generations.

Top 10 Best Pizza In The World

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele (Naples, Italy): 

This historic pizzeria in the heart of Naples is widely regarded as one of the best in the world. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele’s fame rests on its commitment to traditional Neapolitan pizza-making techniques. The pizzeria keeps it simple with a menu that focuses on the classics—Marinara and Margherita. The dough is prepared with a specific type of flour, and the tomatoes and mozzarella are of the highest quality. The result is a pizza with a thin, chewy crust, a flavorful tomato sauce, and the perfect amount of melted cheese. The ambiance is authentic, offering a genuine Naples experience.

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Di Fara Pizza (New York City, USA): 

Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, Di Fara Pizza is an iconic establishment known for its legendary pizzas. The pizzeria is a one-man operation run by Dom DeMarco, who meticulously crafts each pizza. The process is slow, as Dom insists on using the finest ingredients, including imported Italian mozzarella and fresh basil. Despite the long wait times, patrons eagerly line up for a taste of the delectable and unique flavor that comes from Dom’s hands-on approach to pizza-making. The establishment has become a cultural institution in New York City. Keep reading to know more about Top 10 Best Pizza In The World.

Pizzeria Mozza (Los Angeles, USA): 

Co-owned by a trio of culinary giants—Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali, and Joe Bastianich—Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles is celebrated for its innovative and artisanal pizzas. The menu features a variety of creative toppings, and the pizzas are baked to perfection in a wood-burning oven. The crust is a standout, achieving the ideal balance of crispiness and chewiness. The restaurant’s commitment to using fresh, high-quality ingredients sets it apart, making it a go-to spot for pizza enthusiasts looking for a modern twist on the classic dish.

Pequod’s Pizza (Chicago, USA): 

In the realm of Chicago deep-dish pizza, Pequod’s Pizza stands out for its distinctive caramelized crust edges. The deep-dish pies are generously layered with cheese, toppings, and a chunky tomato sauce. The caramelization of the crust adds a unique and delightful crunch, setting Pequod’s apart in the competitive Chicago pizza scene. The combination of hearty flavors and a satisfying texture has earned Pequod’s a dedicated following, making it a must-visit for those seeking an authentic Chicago deep-dish experience.

Gino’s East (Chicago, USA): 

Another heavyweight in the Chicago deep-dish arena, Gino’s East has been a staple since its inception in 1966. The restaurant is known for its thick, flaky crust that serves as a sturdy base for layers of cheese, meats, and vegetables. Gino’s East is as much about the experience as it is about the pizza, with its graffiti-covered walls showcasing the history of satisfied patrons. The combination of a welcoming atmosphere and a classic Chicago deep-dish pizza makes Gino’s East a cherished institution in the city’s culinary landscape.

Sorbillo (Naples, Italy): 

With a rich history dating back to 1935, Sorbillo is a Neapolitan treasure that has stood the test of time. The pizzeria is a family affair, and its success lies in the dedication to traditional pizza-making methods. Sorbillo’s pizzas are characterised by a soft, airy crust and high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. The menu boasts a variety of toppings, but the emphasis is always on simplicity and authenticity. The welcoming ambiance and the aroma of freshly baked pizza create an irresistible dining experience, making Sorbillo a must-visit for those seeking the true essence of Neapolitan pizza in the heart of Naples. Continue scrolling through to know more about the Top 10 Best Pizza In The World.

Pizzeria Bianco (Phoenix, USA): 

Chef Chris Bianco’s Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix has earned a reputation for its artisanal approach to pizza. The pizzeria’s success is rooted in Bianco’s commitment to using the finest ingredients, including locally sourced produce and house-made mozzarella. The crust is a standout feature, with a perfect balance of crispiness and tenderness. Pizzeria Bianco’s menu is diverse, offering creative combinations of toppings that showcase the chef’s culinary expertise. The attention to detail and the passion for crafting exceptional pizzas have made Pizzeria Bianco a destination for food enthusiasts seeking a unique and high-quality pizza experience.

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana (New Haven, USA): 

Established in 1925, Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana holds a special place in the history of American pizza. Located in New Haven, Connecticut, this pizzeria is famous for its coal-fired, thin-crust pizzas. The signature White Clam Pizza, featuring fresh clams, garlic, olive oil, and grated cheese, has become an iconic dish that draws visitors from far and wide. The combination of a crispy crust from the coal-fired oven and the unique flavor profile of the white clam pizza sets Frank Pepe’s apart in the competitive pizza landscape, making it a cherished establishment with a legacy that spans generations.

Da Michele (Rome, Italy): 

While not as widely known as its more famous Naples counterpart, Da Michele’s Rome location is highly regarded for its delicious and authentic Neapolitan pizzas. The pizzeria adheres to the same traditional methods that have made its Naples branch legendary. The emphasis is on simplicity, with a focus on high-quality ingredients and a well-executed dough. Da Michele in Rome offers a taste of Neapolitan pizza without the need to travel to Naples, making it a popular choice for locals and visitors alike seeking an authentic pizza experience in the heart of Italy’s capital.

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Gustapizza (Florence, Italy): 

Tucked away in the charming city of Florence, Gustapizza has gained a reputation for its large and flavorful pizzas. The pizzeria is known for its friendly atmosphere and dedication to using fresh, local ingredients. The menu features a variety of toppings, allowing patrons to customize their pizzas to suit their preferences. Whether you opt for a classic Margherita or a more adventurous combination, Gustapizza’s commitment to quality shines through in every bite. The generous portions and the inviting ambiance make it a popular spot for both locals and tourists seeking a satisfying pizza experience in the heart of Florence.


In the ever-evolving world of culinary delights, pizza stands as a timeless symbol of shared joy and diverse palates. From the storied streets of Naples to the vibrant pizzerias of New York City, each slice tells a tale of craftsmanship, innovation, and cultural exchange. As you embark on Top 10 Best Pizza In The World adventures, remember that the journey is just as satisfying as the last delicious bite.


Why is Neapolitan Pizza Considered Among the Best?

Neapolitan pizza holds a revered status among pizza enthusiasts due to its centuries-old tradition and strict adherence to quality ingredients and preparation methods. The VPN (Vera Pizza Napoletana) certification ensures authenticity, with standards that emphasize the use of specific ingredients and techniques originating from Naples, Italy.

How Does New York Pizza Earn Its Spot Among the Best?

New York-style pizza has carved its niche globally, celebrated for its characteristic large, thin, and foldable slices. The distinct flavor profile, achieved through high-gluten bread flour and a slow fermentation process, coupled with a perfect blend of sauce and cheese, makes it an iconic choice. Its cultural significance and influence on pizza culture worldwide further solidify its place among the best.

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